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To invest in the future of agriculture through youth. Provide sustained funding support and increased opportunities for youth with emphasis toward education and charitable opportunities relevant to agriculture and 4-H Youth Development, FFA, and similar public education youth programs. This corporation is dedicated to connecting people to agriculture through community projects, special events, and educational programs.

The corporation will administer an annual auction/sale in each county for 4-H, FFA, and independent county fair youth exhibitors to sell their project animals as part of the county fair exhibitions provided to the public. Non-compensated local volunteers will promote and implement the sales. The Champions for Youth Foundation will provide financial oversight and accountability for the junior livestock auctions, as well as training to meet expectations.


The junior auctions/sales are the climax of a year’s activity for these county fair exhibitors. As a learning and business experience, these young people have selected, fed, and groomed their project animals. . They have brought their project to the county fair to be judged and sold. The county fair is their market place. Here they present their project animals and receive the monetary value for their product along with public recognition for their efforts.

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