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Building & Growing Together

at Quail Park


We invite you to join us in creating a vibrant place for our community by participating in the Quail Sports Park Master Plan Expansion—Building and Growing Together campaign. We envision a regional multi-use park right here in Willcox that will promote the community and spur economic development.

A new fully enclosed multi-use event center is the cornerstone of the master plan. We are committed to constructing a high quality recreational, educational, and cultural facility that showcases and celebrates our western heritage.

56,250 sq. ft. Flexible Event Space

Our Vision: A regional multipurpose event center located at Quail Drive Sports Park that will meet the community’s need for an indoor venue capable of hosting a variety of large scale adult and youth events and will be a venue to attract new events and visitors to the city, positively affecting the local economy.


Quail Park will be a place where:​

  • New modern entertainment options for the community are provided, significant new revenue opportunities occur, and  economic development happens.

  • Large community events can occur year-round attracting increased tourism to the region.

  • A sense of community is promoted among residents of Willcox and the region’s role in the area as a leader in agriculture is recognized.

  • Additional opportunities are provided for civic groups and non-profits to hold events, raise funds and offer life-long learning experiences, with a particular emphasis on youth.

  • Our agricultural heritage is enhanced by providing a quality venue for livestock shows, junior rodeos, trade shows, and other events that support and promote the agricultural community.

  • Community interaction is promoted by providing a facility for our diverse population to use, to share, to grow, and to enjoy.

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